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25782579 numaralı gerçek3160008.07.2018
2577Whenever you consume spicy foods, your brain will...3470008.07.2018
2576The average dog can count to 5 and understands ab...3030008.07.2018
25752576 numaralı gerçek3050008.07.2018
2574The Tlnkerbell efEect refers to things that only ...2790008.07.2018
2573The speed of 100km/h was first reached by a car ...3241008.07.2018
25722573 numaralı gerçek3260008.07.2018
25712572 numaralı gerçek2600008.07.2018
2570ln England, exiting a party without saying goodb...2970008.07.2018
25692570 numaralı gerçek2990008.07.2018
2568Grand Theft Auto V cost $265 million to make3130008.07.2018
2567A massive earthquake struck Japan in 1923, causin...3060008.07.2018
25662567 numaralı gerçek3070008.07.2018
25652566 numaralı gerçek2891008.07.2018
2564Modern people have, on average, fewer friends th...2930008.07.2018
2563ln the opening ceremony ofthe 1936 Olympics, Hai...2890008.07.2018
2562Astronomers say that in 2022 there will be a sup...2570008.07.2018
25612562 numaralı gerçek2560008.07.2018
2560Stress can cause a human's hair to fall out up to...2890008.07.2018
2559lceland is so safe that parents routinely leave ...3160008.07.2018
2558The fake cocaine actors snort on film is vitamin ...2940008.07.2018
2557MRI scans showed that the brains of people who e...3240008.07.2018
2556ln 1984, New Zealand's Prime Minister got drunk ...3100008.07.2018
25552556 numaralı gerçek2661008.07.2018
2554The speed camera lottery in Stockholm3010008.07.2018
2553the brain's biological clock stimulates thirst i...3100008.07.2018
2552If innocent, God would stop them burning3070008.07.2018
2551Personality has a larger effect on success than ...3360008.07.2018
25502551 numaralı gerçek2840108.07.2018
2549Two brother from a set of triplets fooled a Russi...3050008.07.2018
2548There are over a million wild camels in Australia2830008.07.2018
2547According to a U.K poll, one in 10 pet owners se...2741008.07.2018
2546Monkeys with smaller testicles scream louder to ...3130008.07.2018
2545A child is 16 times safer riding to school in a ...3820008.07.2018
2544The keys to the Church ofthe Holy Sepulchre have ...2930008.07.2018
2543Crows love to pull tails2540008.07.2018
25422543 numaralı gerçek2560008.07.2018
2541lkea ran a print advert which you urinated on2740008.07.2018
25402541 numaralı gerçek3011008.07.2018
2539exposure to nature allows us to remember and val...3040008.07.2018
25382539 numaralı gerçek2890008.07.2018
25372538 numaralı gerçek2810008.07.2018
2536The word "nighónare" is derived from the old Engl...3470008.07.2018
2535 When Britain changed the packaging for tylenol b...3810008.07.2018
2534couples who directly address problems instead of...2800008.07.2018
25332534 numaralı gerçek3101008.07.2018
25322533 numaralı gerçek3150008.07.2018
2531Tanesi 8 Kuruştan her gün 10 000 yemek satmak2871008.07.2018
2530UPS uses route optimization software to save nea...2710008.07.2018
2529a tire shop in Fort Worth, Texas, was robbed so ...2730008.07.2018
25282529 numaralı gerçek2530008.07.2018
2527ln 1386 a pig in France was executed by public h...3570008.07.2018
2526Peeling an apple will remove 50% of it's total f...3031008.07.2018
2525Diamond, despite being the hardest material know...2830008.07.2018
25242525 numaralı gerçek2660008.07.2018
2523The USA is one of only 4 countries where an artis...2950008.07.2018
25221. Dünya savaşına giden 1 000 000 attan sadece 63...3261008.07.2018
2521Mediaval English longbows could fire an arrow dis...2690008.07.2018
2520Tomatoes were put on trial on June 28, 1820 in Sa...3090008.07.2018
2519The weeks before Christmas is the most popular t...3050008.07.2018
2518Modena and Bologna had a war in which 2000 peopl...2830008.07.2018
25172518 numaralı gerçek2900008.07.2018
251623 kişilik bir gruptan aynı gün doğmuş olan çıkma...2931008.07.2018
2515lf you keep your cool when being criticized, you'...3221008.07.2018
2514Heartbroken cat in Indonesia3200008.07.2018
2513older people who regularly babysit their grandch...2910008.07.2018
25122513 numaralı gerçek2791008.07.2018
2511all mammals live almost 1 billion heartbeats2560008.07.2018
25102511 numaralı gerçek3230008.07.2018
2509Getting 10 hours of sleep a night for a few days ...2600008.07.2018
2508Be cheerful, live your life3150008.07.2018
25072508 numaralı gerçek3211008.07.2018
2506Anxiety affects your balance2900008.07.2018
2505Giving regular blood donations can reduce your ...3401008.07.2018
25042505 numaralı gerçek3011008.07.2018
2503Playing Tetris after a traumatic event can help e...3620008.07.2018
2502lf you're highly anxious, you're likely smarter ...3140008.07.2018
25012502 numaralı gerçek2560008.07.2018
2500Psychologist Lágzló Polgár theorized at any child...3411008.07.2018
2499Kennedy'nin büyük buhranı kitaplardan öğrenmiş ol...2901008.07.2018
2498Altın ve borsanın 200 yılı2980008.07.2018
2497Kaybolup sahibinin adını veren papağan2610008.07.2018
2495When Princess Diana went to Disneyland she made ...3010008.07.2018
2494Eating a Mediterranean diet slows rates of cognit...3120008.07.2018
2493lf you pretend to understand your baby, they can ...2710008.07.2018
249250 years ago, the sugar industry quietly paid of...3050008.07.2018
2491Mattresses can have up to 900% markup2450008.07.2018
2490On April 13th, a Friday in 2029, an asteroid more...3050008.07.2018
2489Toplu mezara gömülen komutan3250008.07.2018
2488Walt Disney was a secret informant for the FBI f...2710008.07.2018
2487Abandoned villages in Russia2440008.07.2018
2486lf a self-driving car gets in an accident that i...2980008.07.2018
2485lf you feel guilty a lot, you're probably good at...2810008.07.2018
2484aueen Victoria was addicted to cocaine infused c...3050008.07.2018
2483THe rivalry between Adidas and Puma became so fie...3080008.07.2018
2482National That Sucks Day2780008.07.2018
2481The word 'avocado' comes from an Aztec word that ...3110008.07.2018
2480The philosopher Kurt Gödel starved to death whils...2980008.07.2018
2479would never set foot on English soil again2560008.07.2018
2478rule of thumb3120008.07.2018
2477Vince Coleman, a railway dispatcher, sacrificed h...2900008.07.2018
2476Nike's new brandname of Aztec3190008.07.2018
2475People with depression are more likely to use ab...3151008.07.2018
2474"Zero" a soccer stadium in Brazil2490008.07.2018
2473The city of London still pays rent to the queen2540008.07.2018
2472 building a working nuclear reactor at university...3260008.07.2018
2471TATTOO IDINTIFICATION3110008.07.2018
2470"Sessiz ol" diye bağırmak3160008.07.2018
2469BBC announced that Pluto would soon pass behind ...2140008.07.2018
2468Atların insanların mutsuz olduğunu anlaması2700008.07.2018
2467At most Outlet stores, you're buying an inferior ...3230008.07.2018
2466lowest floors were for wealthy end the higher fl...2451008.07.2018
2465We close our eyes when we kiss because shutting o...2911008.07.2018
2464Ozon tabakası olmasa insanların 6 dakikada güneş ...2921008.07.2018
2463McDonald's is experimenting with playing McDonal...2690008.07.2018
2462Netflix is now hiring someone to binge-watch TV ...3860008.07.2018
2461There are vending machines for poor people in UK2831008.07.2018
2460ln 1950, only 22 percent ofAmerican adults were s...2741008.07.2018
2459most trouble in prison is caused by bad food3130008.07.2018
2458dark hues looked the most official3090008.07.2018
2457A group of undercover Detroit police posing as d...3141008.07.2018
2456Suffering from acne? The problem could be your p...2810008.07.2018
24552456 numaralı gerçek2960008.07.2018
2454a panic that interrupts your sleep state which i...2630008.07.2018
2453Soccer player Ronaldinho came to media attention...2981008.07.2018
2452Rich women binge drink more and have more alcohol...3141008.07.2018
24512452 numaralı gerçek2930008.07.2018
2450ln 1985, a Coca-Cola employee was fired for being...3700008.07.2018
2449"Skin Hunger" , where not receiving adequate hum...3101008.07.2018
2448quebec'te oyuncak ve fast food reklamlarının yasa...2800008.07.2018
2447 'next-in-line' effect2930008.07.2018
2446Ashton Kutcher'ın meyve diyetine son vermesi3311008.07.2018
2445Mosquitoes bite people with Type O blood nearly ...2820008.07.2018
2444Red, irritated eyes after swimming in a pool aren...2300008.07.2018
2443lf you're murdered in America, there's a 1 in 3 ...2920008.07.2018
24422443 numaralı gerçek2890008.07.2018
2441Experts claim that a truthful people answers a fo...2961008.07.2018
2440A study found that schoolchildren produce longer...2291008.07.2018
2439Robert Williams, a Ford assembly line worker, is ...2720008.07.2018
2438elephant poop is using to make paper2410008.07.2018
2437Socrates was very worried that the increasing use...2910008.07.2018
2436The perfect length of time to be on vacation is 8...2350008.07.2018
2435ln Japan male students can confess their love to ...4060008.07.2018
2434Michael Jordan Dunk3021008.07.2018
2433A study found that 70% of fathers and 74% of mot...2721008.07.2018
2432Self-driving cars 'play' Grand Theft Auto to lea...2892008.07.2018
2430One third of all motels in the u.s. are owned by...2480008.07.2018
2429Husbands bother wifes more than children3161008.07.2018
2428David Cavitt said "I will live to be 100" and die...2961008.07.2018
2427Sad, angry, jealous, and guilty feelings can make...2441008.07.2018
24262427 numaralı gerçek2420008.07.2018
2425Russian Emperor Peter the Great taxed any men wh...3110008.07.2018
2424ln lceland, books are exchanged as Christmas Eve ...2590008.07.2018
2423There were real 'Hobbit people' living on an lndo...3130008.07.2018
2422America's first 1 cent coin was designed by Benja...3020008.07.2018
2421A morning poop is healthiest2890008.07.2018
2420Negaholics are people who become addicted to neg...3340008.07.2018
2419The oldest sibling is usually the most well behav...2731008.07.2018
2418lf you want to be more productive, listen to a vi...2401008.07.2018
2417lf an expensive watch ticks loudly it is most li...3030008.07.2018
2416Andrew Myrid told starbing natives to get grass i...2670008.07.2018
2415Due to the way a rotting apple releases ethylene...2850008.07.2018
2414A fetus in the womb hears mostly low-frequency s...2620008.07.2018
2413Goldfish will not stop eating if there is food a...2830008.07.2018
2412Teddy Roosevelt was shot before his speech3010008.07.2018
2411Texas'ta fahri trafik polisliği3031008.07.2018
2410Unfaithful men tend to have lower IQs2961008.07.2018
2409Monkeys can learn use of money3270008.07.2018
2408The eldest children in families tend to develop ...2871008.07.2018
2407Nearly 70% of vegetarians say that, afler they h...2740008.07.2018
2406a South African policeman and criminal, robbed b...2681008.07.2018
2405Coffee is most effective if consumed between 9:3...2792008.07.2018
2404Bananas are a native sleep aid because they cont...2921008.07.2018
2403Yeni bir volvo alınca, Volvonun size İsveç'i gezd...3200008.07.2018
24022403 numaralı gerçek2820008.07.2018
2401Angaina Jolie once hired a hitman to kill her3120008.07.2018
2400Camouflaged Ships2970008.07.2018
2399A Russian family who were cut off from all human...2930008.07.2018
2398Psychologists have found that people who doubt t...6144108.07.2018
2397A study found that couples who directly address ...3652008.07.2018
2396People who are raised in warmer climates tend to ...3150008.07.2018
23952396 numaralı gerçek2600008.07.2018
2393an hour equal to 4 puncta (quarter-hours), 1O mi...3211008.07.2018
2392the use of true facts can lead the ignorant publ...3391008.07.2018
2391A teenager contacted NASA because he found a mist...2920008.07.2018
2390Young eggplants look like eggs3000008.07.2018
2389Dogs that have emotionally negative experiences ...3451008.07.2018
2388the main engineers behind NASA's Challenger rocke...3411008.07.2018
2387Fictional characters might not be real, but our ...3101008.07.2018
2386Fillerin bizim nazik olduğumuzu sanması2581008.07.2018
2385Thomas Edison would give potential employees a bo...2931008.07.2018
2384During the exceptionally winter of 1795, a French...2792008.07.2018
2383jellyfish, despite having no brain still need to...3230008.07.2018
2382Second-born children are more likely to be troub...2860008.07.2018
2380Taking a few moments to pause and observe nature ...3090008.07.2018
2379Williams Syndrome2490008.07.2018
2378Male kangaroos flex their biceps to impress fema...2560008.07.2018
2377China built a 250-acre solar farm2950008.07.2018
2376There's a surgery that claims to change the color...3200008.07.2018
2375The Great Impersonator2990008.07.2018
2374Adding salt on pineapples makes it sweeter2880008.07.2018
2373Parents who view failure as a negative event have...3070008.07.2018
2372Engineers can't explain why the Leaning Tower of ...3110008.07.2018
2371The Cocaine Bear who was found dead3430008.07.2018
2370Women are more responsive to romantic cues after...2931008.07.2018
23692370 numaralı gerçek2540008.07.2018
2368The most powerfull commercial radio station ever ...2962008.07.2018
2367Snow effect to sound3060008.07.2018
2366ln the last 40 years, the overall survival rate f...3060008.07.2018
2365Museum of Broken Relationships3000008.07.2018
2364Tokyo is the city with the most millionaires2830008.07.2018
2363A man who committed suicide by jumping from the ...3291008.07.2018
2362I see that you have made three spelling mistakes3110008.07.2018
2361service on the Empire State Express rail service...2800008.07.2018
2360Faking the moon landing in 1969 would have been ...2710008.07.2018
2359a woman started hearing a voice in her head. The...2920008.07.2018
2358Humans have more empathy for dogs than they do f...2370008.07.2018
2357The Code of Hammurabi decreed that bartenders wh...3440008.07.2018
2356China poured more cement between 2011 and 2013th...2880008.07.2018
2355An American man was arrested near the border ofA...2920008.07.2018
2354Forthe Apollo 11 moon landing conspiracy theory ...2950008.07.2018
2353Genghis Khan exempted the poor from taxes2841008.07.2018
2352Chocolate milk is more efficient at giving you e...2900008.07.2018
2351Positive text messages from people you care abou...3041008.07.2018
2350An eccedentesiast is a person who hides their pa...2400008.07.2018
2349lt's estimated you say 300 to 1000 words to your...2830008.07.2018
2348A man named Robert Lane named his two sons "Winn...3822008.07.2018
2347Bill Gates opened a jar of mosquitoes2820008.07.2018
2346King Ludwig the Mad built many weird impractical ...3000008.07.2018
2345Risk-taking is contagious3081008.07.2018
2344Hugging or holding hands of someone special can ...2671008.07.2018
2343When somebody smells good, we automatically perc...3062008.07.2018
2342A Polish pilot who, after being shot down during ...2900008.07.2018
23412342 numaralı gerçek2880008.07.2018
2340Gary Webb 2741008.07.2018
2339the mermaid's legs constandy feel as she is wal...3070008.07.2018
2338Penguin swims 3 to 5 thousand miles every year t...3090008.07.2018
2337a 19-year-old man named Rashaad died attempting ...2961008.07.2018
2336Prescription drugs kill more people every year t...3171008.07.2018
233524-7-365 restaurant Denny's decided to close for...3030008.07.2018
2334Cold weather can shrink the Eiffel Tower up to s...3260008.07.2018
2333The only instance of a kid dying from poisoned Ha...2750008.07.2018
233212 members of a Florida jury got stuck in the co...2740008.07.2018
2331Using your non-dominant hand for mundane tasks fo...2571008.07.2018
2330Owls make almost no noise from flying even when ...2970008.07.2018
2329Working out while emotionally upset is linked to...3191008.07.2018
2328Manual of Deception and Trickery2470008.07.2018
2327Egypt has compulsory military service for males,...2951008.07.2018
2326Hitler was a chronic tax evader2762008.07.2018
2325a letter to Ronald Reagen2440008.07.2018
2324A new study shows that walking is good for your ...2861008.07.2018
2323Demon-Duck of Doom2720008.07.2018
2322The Vikings were considered overly concerned with...1450008.07.2018
2321The Three Gorges Dam in China is so massive it h...2760008.07.2018
2320A new stem cell therapy that promotes the regrow...3630008.07.2018
2319Cruise ships emissions can equal the equivalent ...2550008.07.2018
2318The "O" before an lrish name2590008.07.2018
2317ln rich countries, obesity is more common among ...2881008.07.2018
2316When Home Alone 2 was filmed, Donald Trump owned ...2590008.07.2018
2315Apple seeds contain cyanide2680008.07.2018
2314Stanford University Founder 3210008.07.2018
2313An Etiopian Olympic runner couldn't find a comfor...2740008.07.2018
2312bir insanın harcadığı oksijeni 8 ağacın üretebilm...2911008.07.2018
2311Malaria is thought to be responsible for the dea...2811008.07.2018
2310Saddam Hussein published a best-selling romance ...2560008.07.2018
2309Japanese death row inmates are not told their dat...2741008.07.2018
2308You are more likely to die as a crack dealer in ...3100008.07.2018
23072308 numaralı gerçek2760008.07.2018
2306The air quality in Beijing got so bad in December...2831008.07.2018
23052306 numaralı gerçek2350008.07.2018
2304Self discipline or IQ for success3061008.07.2018
23032304 numaralı gerçek2351008.07.2018
2302Self destroyed Advocate2471008.07.2018
2301Happier cows really do produce more milk2600008.07.2018
2300Endonezya'daki bebek mezarı ağaçlar3170008.07.2018
2299These flower lamps bloom when people stand under...2840008.07.2018
2298Engineer Ken Halsall was tired of seeing his frie...2840008.07.2018
2297A survey says that those who wear black are seen ...2951008.07.2018
2296Mark Zuckerberg and facebook2760008.07.2018
2295Agar Art Contest2490008.07.2018
2294Walking for just one hour twice a week increases ...2941008.07.2018
2293Psychopaths are immune to contagious yawning2970008.07.2018
2292Troll's Tongue2810008.07.2018
2291Steve Jobs had a high school GPA of 2.652930008.07.2018
2290Queen Elizabeth II has owned more than 30 Corgis...2560008.07.2018
2289Goats are immune to poison oak/ivy 2970008.07.2018
2288UK brothers Geoff and John Bitmead created a gro...2430008.07.2018
2287A stray dog saved a woman after she crashed down2880008.07.2018
2286When Genghis Khan's child died2940008.07.2018
2285ln the movie Saving Private Ryan2500008.07.2018
22842285 numaralı gerçek2810008.07.2018
2283At full sprint a cheetah spends more time flying...2060008.07.2018
2282Your bruise turns colors because your body is br...2761008.07.2018
2281Using your non-dominant hand for mundane tasks f...2230008.07.2018
22802281 numaralı gerçek2860008.07.2018
227920 million Chinese died after2902008.07.2018
2278Despite having DNA evidence of the suspect, Germa...2211008.07.2018
2277National Sleepy Head day2571008.07.2018
2276Eğlendiren şeylerin eğlendirmemesi3080008.07.2018
2275David Oliveira uses wire to "draw" in the air by...2710008.07.2018
2274Ermeni yüzücü2900008.07.2018
2273lf you find yourself constantly dreaming about y...2410008.07.2018
2272When you zone out, small areas of your brain fal...2991008.07.2018
2271Human shaped sculptures in Iceland2441008.07.2018
2270Just one percent of friendships formed in sevent...2650008.07.2018
2269Buzz Aldrin'in anne kızlık soyadının MOON olması3210008.07.2018
2268founder of the the Chinese space and missile pro...2550008.07.2018
2267lt is illegal to NOT nush the toilet in Singapore3280008.07.2018
2266Socially anxious people can lessen their anxiety...2783008.07.2018
2265Beynin sarhoş olunca yeni bilgi kaydetmemesi1800008.07.2018
2264Fresh Snow absorbs the sounds2540008.07.2018
2263The Empire State Building makes much money fro...2730008.07.2018
22622263 numaralı gerçek2380008.07.2018
2261College students in Cleveland are living rent fre...2941008.07.2018
2260Some restaurants in China lace their food with o...2970008.07.2018
2259Whenever you move your eyes quickly from one poin...2921008.07.2018
2258Neurologists claim that every time you resist ac...2691008.07.2018
2257The Swedish warship Vasa was built asymmetrically3190008.07.2018
2256130 people who died in the attack, only 1 was ki...2201008.07.2018
2255Elephants rarely get cancer because they have 40 ...2570008.07.2018
2254ln 1970s, people in Cambodia were killed for bein...2450008.07.2018
2253an ancient Athenian philosopher, died from laugh...2790008.07.2018
2252A red telephone box which was bought forE1 has b...2852008.07.2018
2251Bajau people live in the middle of the sea, rarel...2780008.07.2018
2250The distance between the United States and Russi...2820008.07.2018
2249Father of Crop Art2660008.07.2018
2248Break-ups are more painful for men2721008.07.2018
224715% of iPhone users use an iPhone with a broke...2490008.07.2018
22462247 numaralı gerçek2980008.07.2018
2245North Korea has a policy of mandatory voting to e...2800008.07.2018
2244Hyperinflation on Germany in 19232620008.07.2018
2243filly Smith who, at age 10, helped save her famil...2952008.07.2018
2242A 5 year old boy in lndia fell asleep on a train ...2920008.07.2018
2241A nightclub in the UK gave out free lollipops to ...2770008.07.2018
2240A current tally shows that president Barack Obam...2720008.07.2018
2239Baby and a chimp were growing together3352008.07.2018
2238Strawberry generation3080008.07.2018
2237The 'Drinkable Book'2730008.07.2018
2236Warren Buffett is the second richest person in th...2671008.07.2018
2235A study found that, when sober, rats prefer sile...2820008.07.2018
2234Stalin'in aslında papaz olmak istiyor oluşu3220008.07.2018
2233Millattan önce 100 yılına kadar avrupada aslan ya...2730008.07.2018
22322233 numaralı gerçek2670008.07.2018
2231Theodore Roosevelt'in kodomana cevabı2340008.07.2018
2230This is what the Jurassic World velociraptors lo...2650008.07.2018
2229Papa'nın evsizlerle yemek yemesi3260008.07.2018
2228Biohazard sybmbol2560008.07.2018
22272228 numaralı gerçek2940008.07.2018
2226Horror movie sound2920008.07.2018
2225When building the Golden Gate Bridge, the lead st...3010008.07.2018
2224okumakla ilgili nisan 1 şakası2920008.07.2018
2223There is a 1966 Volvo with more than 3 million m...2420008.07.2018
2222Deneyimlerin dna'ya işlenmesi2831008.07.2018
2221Cats sleep an avege of 2/3 of their life3133208.07.2018
2220A doctor once attempted to prove that the human ...2400008.07.2018
2219The Aztec capital Tenochtitlan was the largest ci...2620008.07.2018
2218Cadı olmak isteyen çocuk2860008.07.2018
2217Treadmills were created to punish English prisor...2770008.07.2018
2216So far, more people have died from selfies than ...2650008.07.2018
2215There is an island in Puerto Rico inhabited exclu...3080008.07.2018
2214There is mental disorder called Maladaptive Dayd...2861008.07.2018
2213Many high school cafeterias in Europe serve alco...2670008.07.2018
2212When you stop smoking weed, you're going to expe...5541008.07.2018
2211There's a genetic disease called Laron Syndrome2640008.07.2018
2210Mithridates Vl was so paranoid of being poisoned ...2880008.07.2018
22092210 numaralı gerçek1990008.07.2018
2208There is a town in Australia where the entire tow...2601008.07.2018
2207During Roman times, salt was worth its weight in ...2661008.07.2018
2206ln Mexico lf you escape from prison and do not br...3281008.07.2018
2205when you get a sunburn, it's not your skin cells ...2860008.07.2018
2204Electricity was introduced to Ethiopia in 1896 aR...3010008.07.2018
2203The most expensive Mega-Project ever was Eisenho...2770008.07.2018
22022203 numaralı gerçek2870008.07.2018
2201Arrested high school student3270008.07.2018
220043 metreden suya atlayıp ölen yüzücü2761008.07.2018
2199ln Rwanda plastic bags are illegal 2580008.07.2018
2198lndonesian farmers introduced fish into their ric...2090008.07.2018
2197Scott Neeson, former head of 20th Century Fox lnt...3910008.07.2018
2196NOT making your bed exposes bed mites to fresh ai...2600008.07.2018
2195These can be shot into the ground to plant flowe...2961008.07.2018
2194Action-gamers are better learners2950008.07.2018
2193A Chinese millionaire began selling cans of fresh...2520008.07.2018
2192Bilinen bir uluslararası bankaya hava alanı satan...2952008.07.2018
2191When you receive a major electric shock, it's not...2560008.07.2018
2190The fact that every part of this ship was built ...3420008.07.2018
21892190 numaralı gerçek2700008.07.2018
2188I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism3031008.07.2018
2187Steve Wozniak put a fake bomb in a locker2780008.07.2018
2186Tyson saw Muhammad Ali's last match at age of 142811008.07.2018
2185ln China, if you hit someone with your car you pa...2851008.07.2018
2184Sir Robert Watson-Watt the inventor of RADAR was ...3070008.07.2018
2183Diamonds are actually fairly common3221008.07.2018
2182Illegal immigrants were hired to construct the b...2650008.07.2018
2181A motorcye swept away by the Japanese tsunami wa...2420008.07.2018
2180Judge Judy makes 45 million dollars per year, an...2702008.07.2018
21792180 numaralı gerçek2790008.07.2018
2178The Pyramids as seen from Cairo 2300008.07.2018
2177The record for most passengers on a commercial a...2940008.07.2018
2176The sadness will last forever2550008.07.2018
2175Cat lsland in Japan2680008.07.2018
2174I don't like Mondays2831008.07.2018
2173The negro motorists green book2891008.07.2018
21723 defa başkan seçilemeyip, başkan yardımcılığını ...2840008.07.2018
2171if we lose 10kg of fat, 8.4kg turns into carbon ...2881008.07.2018
2170Amerika'da 14.5 milyon kanserden kurtulmuş insan ...3100008.07.2018
2169A recent study found that poor kids are more lik...2711008.07.2018
2168Paul Erdos could calculate in his head, given a ...2941008.07.2018
2167Control of 46% of BMW3081008.07.2018
2166Yamaguchi Gumi'nin 80 milyar$ ederi olması2660008.07.2018
2165Moscow Dogs: pack leader tend to be the most inte...3001008.07.2018
2164When a city in lndina replaced all signaled inter...2951008.07.2018
2163if one attempted suicide and failed to die 2891008.07.2018
2162ln 1966 French President Char1es de Gaulle demand...2981008.07.2018
2161Lucky lron Fish2411008.07.2018
2160Pepsi logo on the moon 3271008.07.2018
2159A Georgia Tech student was accidentally sent 2 en...3141008.07.2018
2158Summers in Vietnam get so hot and humid that peo...2601008.07.2018
2157When we are threatened we do our best to make ot...2951008.07.2018
2156Fails of Buzz Aldrin3241008.07.2018
2155Whenever a cat slowly closes its eyes and opens ...2731008.07.2018
2154Blowing smoke up your ass used to be a common cu...2781008.07.2018
2153Yeni başlayanlar için islam2900008.07.2018
2152Timothy Dexter, who faked his own Timothy Dexter...3361008.07.2018
2151a 3 year old boy fell into a Gorilla enclosure2431008.07.2018
2150ln 2004 Google anonymously posted math equations ...2741008.07.2018
2149The cost of one modern heavy bomber is this: a m...2461008.07.2018
2148Abraham Lincoln created the secret service just ...2671008.07.2018
2147Gentleman robber2831008.07.2018
2146MI5 once had a plan to use Gerbils to detect terr...2261008.07.2018
2145Jimmy Carter2771008.07.2018
2144The lncas measured their units of time by how lo...3041008.07.2018
21432144 numaralı gerçek2540008.07.2018
2142About 400 million years ago, before trees were c...3271008.07.2018
2141Philip A. Contos was a motorcyclist who died at ...2841008.07.2018
2140 10 000 lowan farmers built 380 miles of road in...2811008.07.2018
2139Alzheimer's Disease does not affect emotional mem...2571008.07.2018
2138During the Battle of Stalingrad, German soldiers ...2811008.07.2018
2137During the nazi occupation of France in World War...2752008.07.2018
2136Dubai uses falcons to keep their city free of pi...2901008.07.2018
2135Colonel Sanden made suprise visits to KFC restau...3271008.07.2018
2134Telling other people about your goals gives the ...2821008.07.2018
2133A person turns 10 million minutes old when they ...2731008.07.2018
2132Outlaw: outside the protection of the law2971008.07.2018
2131Only two grups of people in Sparta could have th...2301008.07.2018
2130WWl, the Germans disguised one of their ships as ...3011008.07.2018
21292130 numaralı gerçek2650008.07.2018
2128Humans are the kings and queens of the planet whe...3271008.07.2018
2127The Yakuza, provided food, water, blankets, diap...3511008.07.2018
2126Estonia's internet2481008.07.2018
2125Thomas Jefferson proposed in 1784 to end slaver...2851008.07.2018
2124Disabled Activists' action3131008.07.2018
2123Jimmy Doyle was pushing himself to fight so he co...2631008.07.2018
2122While dogs operate under a strict hierarchy, wol...2991008.07.2018
2121FedEx uses several empty cargo planes that roam ...2781008.07.2018
2120The wealthiest 85 people on be planet have more ...2691008.07.2018
2119The Nazi salute looked almost identical to what w...2891008.07.2018
2118At an Amazon warehouse in PA, during hot summers ...2991008.07.2018
2117A man who was atTacked and beaten oUtside of a ba...2710008.07.2018
2116One of the reasons your lungs feel refreshed when...2860008.07.2018
2115The poorest half ofthe Earth`s population owns 1...2721008.07.2018
2114lf someone you know is being a wiener, "dicksbyma...3021008.07.2018
2113Mother and baby immune relation2371108.07.2018
2112Before Saladin died in 1193, he had given away al...2791008.07.2018
2111Your eyebrows renew themselves every 64 days2741008.07.2018
2110Dunning-Kruger Effect2641008.07.2018
2109Media Corporations of US3011008.07.2018
2108Former U.S. President Bill Clinton claims that N...2970008.07.2018
2107Even wild chimpanzees know to look both ways bef...2771008.07.2018
2106Drug lord Pablo Escobar got to build his own pris...3040008.07.2018
2105When the Confederate Army was low on gunpowder, ...2781008.07.2018
2104Just Enough Room4170008.07.2018
21032104 numaralı gerçek2650008.07.2018
2102Who you date is only 2% about what you want and ...2660008.07.2018
2101ln 539Bc, Persian King Cyrus the Great issued the...3351008.07.2018
2100Studies show that children will eat as much sugar...3031008.07.2018
2099The Ancient lrish respected their dogs so much 2700008.07.2018
2098Charles Osborne had the hiccups non-stop for appr...2710008.07.2018
2097A 18-year-old Chinese high-school student has ca...3031008.07.2018
2096Otis is e world's most popular transportabon com...2530008.07.2018
2095Hitler had a pet alligator2880008.07.2018
2094Crack dealing is one of the most dangerous jobs ...2930008.07.2018
2093Having friends from other cultures makes you mor...2201008.07.2018
2092lnterracial marriage was illegal, so Johnsonn ke...2630008.07.2018
2091Having bridesmaids in a wedding wasn't originally...2691008.07.2018
2090One of the richest men of all time J. Paul Getty3081008.07.2018
20892090 numaralı gerçek2980008.07.2018
20882089 numaralı gerçek2620008.07.2018
2087Virtually all of the eyewear industry is controll...2581008.07.2018
2086During the Vietnam War, American troops would ea...3200008.07.2018
2085multicolored playable Tetris game building2431008.07.2018
2084Herders in Finland are spraying reindeer's antle...2671008.07.2018
2083More than 30% of all deaths in Russia in 2012 wer...2821108.07.2018
2082For months after returning from trips to space, ...3771008.07.2018
2081Tetra versus Volkswagen2750008.07.2018
2080Studies show that people are far more likely to ...2751008.07.2018
20792080 numaralı gerçek2490008.07.2018
20782079 numaralı gerçek2600008.07.2018
20772078 numaralı gerçek2810008.07.2018
20762077 numaralı gerçek3010008.07.2018
20752076 numaralı gerçek2400008.07.2018
20742075 numaralı gerçek2850008.07.2018
2073ln the 13th century, in order to discover which l...3281008.07.2018
2072Britain created the lie that carrots improve eye...2351008.07.2018
2071ln Turks' fight for independence3171008.07.2018
20702071 numaralı gerçek2860008.07.2018
2069Harward is officially free for those with less t...2951008.07.2018
20682069 numaralı gerçek2860008.07.2018
2067Husband carrying women2851008.07.2018
20662067 numaralı gerçek2820008.07.2018
20652066 numaralı gerçek2610008.07.2018
2064Frane Selak the undieable man2041008.07.2018
20632064 numaralı gerçek2580008.07.2018
2062Jets leave a white trail across the sky for the s...2811008.07.2018
2061A stroke suffering cat owner tried to teach his c...2211008.07.2018
2060Macau drives on the left side of the road Mainla...2751008.07.2018
20592060 numaralı gerçek3050008.07.2018
20582059 numaralı gerçek2790008.07.2018
20572058 numaralı gerçek2400008.07.2018
20562057 numaralı gerçek2970008.07.2018
20552056 numaralı gerçek2680008.07.2018
20542055 numaralı gerçek2750008.07.2018
2053People are in the best mood while they are bicycl...2341008.07.2018
2052Great White sharks have only attacked people 280...3081008.07.2018
2051Rabbits of Australia2421008.07.2018
2050People used to use bread to erase pen marks3501008.07.2018
2049ldentical twins separated at birth were adopted b...2821008.07.2018
20482049 numaralı gerçek2860008.07.2018
2047prostitutes in ancient Greece wore sandals that ...2571008.07.2018
2046You will Never Walk2971008.07.2018
20452046 numaralı gerçek2570008.07.2018
20442045 numaralı gerçek2920008.07.2018
20432044 numaralı gerçek2900008.07.2018
2042A Coca-Cola employee can get fired for drinking ...3371008.07.2018
20412042 numaralı gerçek2700008.07.2018
2040lf you find yourself constantly dreaming about yo...1971008.07.2018
2039Loving someone and being loved in return makes w...3211008.07.2018
20382039 numaralı gerçek2680008.07.2018
2037ln 1986 the United Way released 1.5 million ballo...2971008.07.2018
2036He will be a child of light2681008.07.2018
2035four men armed with scissor and razor attacked a...2541008.07.2018
2034Alhed Binet, original inventor of the IQ test, c...2451008.07.2018
20332034 numaralı gerçek2530008.07.2018
20322033 numaralı gerçek2980008.07.2018
2031Adidas will release a line of shoes made from pl...2631008.07.2018
20302031 numaralı gerçek2870008.07.2018
2029A Florida woman accidentally burned down a 3500 y...3171008.07.2018
2028Scientists have reconstructed YouTube videos from...3501008.07.2018
2027Nelson thought he was coming, but he was going3191008.07.2018
20262027 numaralı gerçek3590008.07.2018
2025A study found dat people born in May have the low...4711008.07.2018
2024ln 1987t a guy bought a lifetime unlimited first ...3061008.07.2018
2023Neurologists claim that every time you resist ac...3131008.07.2018
2022lf a person's body odour smells good to you, it m...3111008.07.2018
20212022 numaralı gerçek1560008.07.2018
2020ln 1994, Los Angeles police arrested a man dress...3221008.07.2018
20192020 numaralı gerçek3060008.07.2018
2018Popeye is based on a real person named Frank Fieg...3251008.07.2018
20172018 numaralı gerçek3200008.07.2018
2016ln Australia torn bank notes are worth the propo...2861008.07.2018
20152016 numaralı gerçek2820008.07.2018
20142015 numaralı gerçek3010008.07.2018
2013lf someone reports their company for tax evasion...2771008.07.2018
20122013 numaralı gerçek2640008.07.2018
2011Paper cuts hurt so much because the cut often ble...2841008.07.2018
2010Beautiful girl curse2831008.07.2018
2009The same gene that gives humans the urge to trav...2771008.07.2018
20082009 numaralı gerçek2810008.07.2018
2007Manipulating memory2961008.07.2018
2006Blackberries help the brain retain new informati...3371008.07.2018
2005Violet Jessop, a ship nurse2541008.07.2018
2004Tom Monaghan, the founder of Domino's Pizza met ...3271008.07.2018
2003Dan, a 38-yearld man based in Maryland, has live...3111008.07.2018
2002Howard Hughes bought an entire casino just so he ...3351008.07.2018
2001lf that's the world's smartest man, God help us2631008.07.2018
2000LSD was first synthesized in 1938 but it wasn't u...2291008.07.2018
1999Steve Jobs did not let his kids use iPads2941008.07.2018
1998ln the us being clean shaven became popular after2861008.07.2018
19971998 numaralı gerçek2850008.07.2018
1996lnto the Wild2561008.07.2018
1995Bees get drunk when alcohol is available2531008.07.2018
1994Scar tissue and melamin relation2812008.07.2018
1993On dolarlık kitaptan tarihi eser çıkması4221012.01.2018
1992When Kim Peek managed payrolls of 160 people, he ...3430012.01.2018
19911991 numaralı gerçek3980012.01.2018
19901990 numaralı gerçek3200012.01.2018
19891989 numaralı gerçek3680012.01.2018
1988Biri bizi izliyor zannediyorsak, muhtemelen izlen...3662012.01.2018
19871987 numaralı gerçek3340012.01.2018
1986Eskiden uçakların daha konforlu olması3661012.01.2018
19851985 numaralı gerçek3720012.01.2018
19841984 numaralı gerçek3600012.01.2018
19831983 numaralı gerçek6860012.01.2018
1982Eve geç gelen oğluna ceza vere baba3051012.01.2018
1981vanishing caloric density2990012.01.2018
1980İngiltere'nin en yüksek dağının zirvesini çalan a...3531012.01.2018
19791979 numaralı gerçek3380012.01.2018
19781978 numaralı gerçek3440012.01.2018
1977Büyük Vladimir'in Müslümanlığa geçmeme nedeni?3952012.01.2018
1976Çin hükümetinin bazen çok pislik olabilmesi3802012.01.2018
19751928'de Ölümsüz olmaya çalışırken, erkenden ölen ...4182012.01.2018
1974Oyunlarda kötü işler yapan insanların, gerçekte d...3801012.01.2018
1973Picasso'nun pislik bir insan olması3202012.01.2018
1972Erkeklerin kadınlardan daha fazla mesaj attığı il...3502012.01.2018
1971Ağlamanın üzüntü ve kızgınlığı azalatması3801012.01.2018
19701970 numaralı gerçek3640012.01.2018
19691969 numaralı gerçek3600012.01.2018
1968Akıllı Kasis3641012.01.2018
19671967 numaralı gerçek3540012.01.2018
1966Timsahla kanka olan adam3601012.01.2018
19651965 numaralı gerçek3500012.01.2018
1964Saccadic Masking3472012.01.2018
19631963 numaralı gerçek3620012.01.2018
1962Böyle iddaa olmaz olsun3611012.01.2018
1961Amerikada 70lerde ve 80lerde katillik olaylarının...3861012.01.2018
19601960 numaralı gerçek3440012.01.2018
1959İnsanların yapmadıkları şeyler için, yaptıkları ş...3671012.01.2018
1958Çin Hükümeti'nin memurlara hapishane turu yaptırm...3901012.01.2018
1957Üretken ceza veren hakim3621012.01.2018
1956Elon Musk'ın çocukları için özel okul açıp ona gö...3201012.01.2018
1955Eşine enteresan bir hediye alan adam3521012.01.2018
19541954 numaralı gerçek3660012.01.2018
19531953 numaralı gerçek3370012.01.2018
19521952 numaralı gerçek3880012.01.2018
19511951 numaralı gerçek3390012.01.2018
19501950 numaralı gerçek3600012.01.2018
1949Frengi hastalığının ülkelerdeki farklı isimleri3571012.01.2018
19481948 numaralı gerçek3740012.01.2018
1947Google'da çalışanların yüzde 14'ünün lise mezunu ...4171012.01.2018
19461946 numaralı gerçek3520012.01.2018
19451945 numaralı gerçek3540012.01.2018
194420 000 hektar ormanı iş olsun diye yakan kadın3501012.01.2018
1943Öpüşmenin saçma olması. He anam kıvılcım falan ol...3941012.01.2018
1942Cezayir Kralı Hasan'ın suikastçisini trollemesi3911012.01.2018
19411941 numaralı gerçek3710012.01.2018
1940İntihar teşebbüsü engellenen 515 kişinin daha son...3422012.01.2018
19391939 numaralı gerçek3270012.01.2018
1938İçmekan tarımı ile günlük 10 000 marul yetiştiren...3531012.01.2018
1937"I have a dream" cümlesinin spontane olarak eklen...3631012.01.2018
1936Amerika'da yüz kişi başına 89 silah düşmesi3991012.01.2018
19351935 numaralı gerçek3550012.01.2018
1934Kadınların eleştirel ve geçmişi gündeme getiren ö...3531012.01.2018
19331933 numaralı gerçek3430012.01.2018
1932Paris ziyaretlerindeki hayalkırıklığının psikoloj...3511012.01.2018
1931Iphone 6'nın bir haftada 10 milyon satması3661012.01.2018
1930Bir yılda asansörde 17 kişi ölürken; merdivende 1...3801012.01.2018
19291929 numaralı gerçek3400012.01.2018
1928Geleceğe dönüşte zaman makinesinin önce buzdolabı...3821012.01.2018
1927Örümcekleri öldürmenin, örümcekleri daha zeki ve ...3931012.01.2018
19261926 numaralı gerçek3350012.01.2018
19251925 numaralı gerçek3190012.01.2018
1924Fillerin Post Travmatik Stres Bozukluğu rahatsızl...3571012.01.2018
1923Franz Ferdinand'ın bir türlü öldürülememesi3942012.01.2018
1922Jimmy Carter'ın esprisini özetleyen çevirmen3671012.01.2018
19211921 numaralı gerçek3430012.01.2018
19201920 numaralı gerçek3930012.01.2018
19191919 numaralı gerçek3500012.01.2018
19181918 numaralı gerçek3670012.01.2018
19171917 numaralı gerçek3570012.01.2018
1916Stalin'in oğlunu herhangi bir insan gibi görmesi3361012.01.2018
19151915 numaralı gerçek4140012.01.2018
19141914 numaralı gerçek4020012.01.2018
19131913 numaralı gerçek3650012.01.2018
19121912 numaralı gerçek3370012.01.2018
19111911 numaralı gerçek3690012.01.2018
19101910 numaralı gerçek3300012.01.2018
19091909 numaralı gerçek3790012.01.2018
19081908 numaralı gerçek3510012.01.2018
19071907 numaralı gerçek3550012.01.2018
1906UPS'nin kuruluşu4281012.01.2018
1905Eşlerini öperek evden çıkan adamların daha az tra...3931012.01.2018
19041904 numaralı gerçek3790012.01.2018
19031903 numaralı gerçek3240012.01.2018
190271 kişinin aynı anda 12 m2 tuvallette olduğunu id...3611012.01.2018
1901Maçın 2. saniyesinde kırmızı kart gören adam3301012.01.2018
19001900 numaralı gerçek3800012.01.2018
1899Geç yaşta baba olan adamların çocuklarının daha ç...3742012.01.2018
1898Bıçak çeken öğrencisini tokatladığı için öğretmen...3331012.01.2018
18971897 numaralı gerçek3440012.01.2018
1896Dolphin cooperation3261012.01.2018
1895Döner kapıyı icat eden adamın, icat nedeni3241012.01.2018
1894Assassination of Alexander 1 of Yugoslavia4051012.01.2018
18931893 numaralı gerçek3400012.01.2018
18921892 numaralı gerçek3540012.01.2018
18914.5 litresi 38.8 milyon $ olan zehir3241012.01.2018
1890Kahve suyu ısıtmak için taramalı kullanmak4131012.01.2018
1889Sigara paketlerine konan 2 penny3081012.01.2018
1888El kurutma cihazının, kağıt havludan daha zararlı...3961012.01.2018
1887Gandalf'ın Yüzüklerin Efendisi çekilirken ağlaması3561012.01.2018
18861886 numaralı gerçek3350012.01.2018
1885Howard Lutnick donated more than $65 million to ...3501012.01.2018
18841884 numaralı gerçek3470012.01.2018
1883Apollo 11 astronotlarının sigortası3281012.01.2018
1882Gece uykusunun son 200 yılda moda haline gelmesi3061012.01.2018
1881Walt Disney'in ölmemek için köpek maması yemek zo...3921012.01.2018
1880Tesla'nın hiç reklam yamaması3721012.01.2018
18791879 numaralı gerçek3460012.01.2018
1878Mükemmel uykunun 26 dakikada sonlanması3281012.01.2018
1877Banks have therapists who help their super rich ...4141012.01.2018
18761876 numaralı gerçek3400012.01.2018
18751875 numaralı gerçek3570012.01.2018
18741874 numaralı gerçek3380012.01.2018
1873A man spent &40,000 buying ort o IMAX theaten to ...2731012.01.2018
18721872 numaralı gerçek3500012.01.2018
18711871 numaralı gerçek3120012.01.2018
18701870 numaralı gerçek3690012.01.2018
1869Steve Jobs'un plakasız araba kullanması4001012.01.2018
18681868 numaralı gerçek3480012.01.2018
18671867 numaralı gerçek3150012.01.2018
18661866 numaralı gerçek3700012.01.2018
1865Farketmeden Swing yapan çift3261012.01.2018
18641864 numaralı gerçek3530012.01.2018
186336 Milyar doları oluncaya kadar Bill Gates'in tar...3031012.01.2018
1862Karı dırdırından 2 defa 5. kattan atlayan adam3981012.01.2018
18611861 numaralı gerçek3620012.01.2018
1860Japonya'da tamamen robotlardan oluşan fabrika4341012.01.2018
18591859 numaralı gerçek3840012.01.2018
185870% of u.s. elite athletes have a key heart gene...3671012.01.2018
1857Uzun süre tutulan gaz'ın kana karışması3691012.01.2018
1856Eiffel kulesini satmaya çalışan adam3751012.01.2018
18551855 numaralı gerçek3380012.01.2018
1854Ağlamanın duyguları nötrlemesi3531012.01.2018
1853Gökkuşağının aslında yuvarlak olması3491012.01.2018
1852A Roman merchant who sold fake jewels was sentenc...4012012.01.2018
1851Jellyfish are 98% water3501012.01.2018
1850Geri zekalı çocukların daha ön yargılı olması3321012.01.2018
1849The average fast food customer eats about 12 pub...3961012.01.2018
18481848 numaralı gerçek3190012.01.2018
1847Al Capone'un rakip çete lideri cenazelerine çiçek...3671012.01.2018
1846Teenagers are scientifically less empathetic than...3281012.01.2018
18451845 numaralı gerçek3700012.01.2018
1844Kokain'den kurtulmak için hapse girmeye çalışan a...3721012.01.2018
18431843 numaralı gerçek3410012.01.2018
1842herbs" are only from leaves of plants and that "...3521012.01.2018
18411841 numaralı gerçek3670012.01.2018
1840According to the us soldien who guarded him, one ...3401012.01.2018
18391839 numaralı gerçek3480012.01.2018
1838Mükemmelci adamların sorunları3241012.01.2018
1837California'da itfaiyelik yapan hükümlüler4211012.01.2018
1836Kadınların erkeklerin dört katı renk görebilmesi3681012.01.2018
1835Okyanustaki dalgaların binde birinin dünyanın ene...2501012.01.2018
1834Farelerin arkadaşlarına eziyet edilmesine izin ve...3681012.01.2018
18331833 numaralı gerçek3440012.01.2018
18321832 numaralı gerçek3530012.01.2018
1831Sahibine ulaşmak için 1260 km yol giden kedi3311012.01.2018
1830Yılda 21 bin dolar kazanan insanların dünyanın en...3461012.01.2018
182970% of managen are making eir teams worse3351012.01.2018
1828There is a 100-year-old woman still teaching mat...3451012.01.2018
18271827 numaralı gerçek3510012.01.2018
1826ln 2013, a 16-year old girl suwived a plane cras...3521012.01.2018
18251825 numaralı gerçek3600012.01.2018
1824Finding Nemo had the opposite effect that was int...3131012.01.2018
1823ln 2010 a Canadian man rescued a newborn baby fr...3581012.01.2018
18221822 numaralı gerçek3500012.01.2018
1821lf you're looking for a job, your application and...3671012.01.2018
1820Fake art can be detected because of nuclear bombs3171012.01.2018
1819Your body paralyes itself when you sleep to keep ...3321012.01.2018
1818Winston Churchill once said "You can always coun...3721012.01.2018
18171817 numaralı gerçek3610012.01.2018
18161816 numaralı gerçek3460012.01.2018
18151815 numaralı gerçek3120012.01.2018
1814According to a survey, men can listen to a male ...3141012.01.2018
1813A 2013 BBc study found that 56% of pilots fell a...3571012.01.2018
1812There's a Nikola Tesla statue that radiates Free...3311012.01.2018
1811People don't listen to the smartest person in the...3111012.01.2018
1810Before the Civil War, some psychiatrists diagnose...3471012.01.2018
18091809 numaralı gerçek3030012.01.2018
1808OnApril 1&, 1930, the BBc annound, "There is no n...3071012.01.2018
1807Ev reisi olmanın zor olması3183012.01.2018
1806Africanized bee, known as Killer bees, are breed...3931012.01.2018
18051805 numaralı gerçek3080012.01.2018
18041804 numaralı gerçek3210012.01.2018
1803During the 18th century, you could pay your admi...2771012.01.2018
1802Social Mouses difference3581012.01.2018
1801A2O year old spent six months looking for the pe...3071012.01.2018
1800Liechtenstein has an incarceration rate of 19 per...3081012.01.2018
17991799 numaralı gerçek3730012.01.2018
17981798 numaralı gerçek2490012.01.2018
1797Recent polling indicated 35% of u.s. workers wou...3381012.01.2018
17961796 numaralı gerçek3520012.01.2018
1795 divorce rate of couples whose wedding cost more ...4521012.01.2018
17941794 numaralı gerçek3170012.01.2018
1793Due to a clerical error the state of Missouri ass...2601012.01.2018
1792telgraf'ın icadı3391012.01.2018
17911791 numaralı gerçek3180012.01.2018
1790Jonah Hill was only paid 60k for The Wolf of Wal...3081012.01.2018
17891789 numaralı gerçek3460012.01.2018
1788kısa boylu kadınları hava yastığının öldürmesi3321012.01.2018
17871787 numaralı gerçek3330012.01.2018
17861786 numaralı gerçek3420012.01.2018
17851785 numaralı gerçek2730012.01.2018
1784Ölüm döşeğindeki Voltaire'nin şeytanı kınamaması3511012.01.2018
17831783 numaralı gerçek3170012.01.2018
17821782 numaralı gerçek3090012.01.2018
1781Outer space is only an hour away3351012.01.2018
17801780 numaralı gerçek3510012.01.2018
17791779 numaralı gerçek3070012.01.2018
1778Özgür Willy'nin geri gelmesi3501012.01.2018
1777Mexican shamans began to use Coca Cola in eir rel...3621012.01.2018
1776koklayan adam3211012.01.2018
1775Şeytan olmadığını ıspatlamak zorunda kalan adam3881012.01.2018
17741774 numaralı gerçek3240012.01.2018
1773Google'ın Gmail hesaplarının 1 nisan şakası zanne...3761012.01.2018
17721772 numaralı gerçek3020012.01.2018
1771ln e earfy 1930's, Warner Bros- began producing a...3551012.01.2018
17701770 numaralı gerçek2930012.01.2018
1769Kahve'nin hem faydalı, hem zararlı olarak bilinme...3491012.01.2018
17681768 numaralı gerçek3540012.01.2018
17671767 numaralı gerçek3160012.01.2018
17661766 numaralı gerçek3180012.01.2018
17651765 numaralı gerçek3410012.01.2018
1764Prison Break gibi olay3091012.01.2018
17631763 numaralı gerçek3170012.01.2018
1762Büyük piramit'in 4000 yıl önce parlak olması3061012.01.2018
17611761 numaralı gerçek3290012.01.2018
17601760 numaralı gerçek3230012.01.2018
1759Hasta doğrumu? Hastaya ne operasyonu yapıyoruz? s...3491012.01.2018
17581758 numaralı gerçek3440012.01.2018
1757Russia has a vast diamond field containing "milli...2971012.01.2018
17561756 numaralı gerçek3430012.01.2018
17551755 numaralı gerçek3180012.01.2018
17541754 numaralı gerçek3240012.01.2018
1753Çirkinlere sokağa çıkma yasağı3481012.01.2018
1752Harry Potter severlerin özellikleri3061012.01.2018
17511751 numaralı gerçek3170012.01.2018
1750Clint Eastwood'un hiçbir zaman sigara içen bir in...3071012.01.2018
1749tipten 3 yıl yatan adam3480012.01.2018
1748ln 1992 thousands of plastic yellow ducks broke f...3091012.01.2018
1747lf you commit suicide in Japan by jumping onto an...3271012.01.2018
1746Dişler için kolanın Meth kadar zararlı olması3700012.01.2018
17451745 numaralı gerçek3530012.01.2018
1744When railway tycoon George Pullman died in 19873451012.01.2018
1743Koladan fare çıkmasının imkansız olması3461012.01.2018
1742Bebeklerin acıyı hissetmiyor zannedilmesi3391012.01.2018
1741Sean Bean is terrified of flying. So during Lord ...3581012.01.2018
17401740 numaralı gerçek3440012.01.2018
1739The Wright brother flew together just one time b...3491012.01.2018
17381738 numaralı gerçek3460012.01.2018
1737You can tell identical in babies apart from their...3171012.01.2018
1736lt costs more to leave a homeless person on the ...3101012.01.2018
1735When female sewers draw a happy face on the bill...3251012.01.2018
1734Alaska'da bir binada yaşayan kasaba3381012.01.2018
1733Lonely and depressed people are more likely to b...3461012.01.2018
17321732 numaralı gerçek3020012.01.2018
17311731 numaralı gerçek2900012.01.2018
17301730 numaralı gerçek3250012.01.2018
1729NBA'in en sıradışı oyuncusu 2981012.01.2018
1728Azoo in Japan Wat has tiny holes in the otter en...3571012.01.2018
17271727 numaralı gerçek3200012.01.2018
17261726 numaralı gerçek3360012.01.2018
17251725 numaralı gerçek3190012.01.2018
17241724 numaralı gerçek4100012.01.2018
1723The Pixar team came up with "WALL-E "A Bug's Lif...3441012.01.2018
1722Evlilikte kadının mutluluğunun adamın mutluluğund...3531012.01.2018
1721İnsanların 3'te 2'sinin güçlü ve zayıf noktaların...3231012.01.2018
1720Did you ever wonder how the grati gets on these ...2871012.01.2018
17191719 numaralı gerçek3210012.01.2018
1718When you are ignored by a person3321012.01.2018
1717There is a village in lndia where each of the 300...3501012.01.2018
1716Stephen Hawking is 73 years old3451012.01.2018
17151715 numaralı gerçek3120012.01.2018
17141714 numaralı gerçek3480012.01.2018
1713Film çekerken kimseyi öldürmediğini ıspatlamak zo...3201012.01.2018
17121712 numaralı gerçek3240012.01.2018
1711Peze*enklerin pahalı saat kullanma nedeni3520012.01.2018
17101710 numaralı gerçek3190012.01.2018
17091709 numaralı gerçek2990012.01.2018
17081708 numaralı gerçek3260012.01.2018
17071707 numaralı gerçek3030012.01.2018
1706kronik az uykunun beyni küçültmesi2600012.01.2018
1705İngilizlerin Arapları aldatmasına Lawrence'ın sin...3060012.01.2018
17041704 numaralı gerçek3440012.01.2018
17031703 numaralı gerçek3440012.01.2018
1702El yıkayan doktorun akıl hastanesine atılması3401012.01.2018
1701Goldman Sachs vs Goddamn Sachs3630012.01.2018
17001700 numaralı gerçek2690012.01.2018
1699Çocuklara video oyunların zararının olmadığının t...3310012.01.2018
16981698 numaralı gerçek3010012.01.2018
1697Elmasların aslında nadir bulunan bir maden olmama...3370012.01.2018
1696Çocukların babadan aldığı genlerin daha baskın ol...3260012.01.2018
16951695 numaralı gerçek3200012.01.2018
1694Irak'lı itirafçının yalancı çıkması3020012.01.2018
16931693 numaralı gerçek2840012.01.2018
1692Two Christian monks smuggled silkworms out of Chi...3421012.01.2018
16911691 numaralı gerçek2970012.01.2018
16901690 numaralı gerçek3400012.01.2018
16891689 numaralı gerçek3160012.01.2018
1688ln German there is a word for the joy of seeing ...3421012.01.2018
1687A study found that German raised children of whit...3221012.01.2018
1686Humans only need to shower every two to three da...1961012.01.2018
1685Liam Neeson turned down playing James Bond in '954121012.01.2018
1684Cool kids' problems3111012.01.2018
1683Almost all chickens eaten today come from the win...3101012.01.2018
1682Robert Liston is de only sugeon in history to hav...4791012.01.2018
1681When Allen Parton was hit by a car3221012.01.2018
168070% of Americans either hate their jobs or are c...3301012.01.2018
1679George Lazenby wasn't an actual actor3231012.01.2018
1678Google Maps calculates trac by tracking how fast...3331012.01.2018
16771677 numaralı gerçek2860012.01.2018
1676Bill Haast, know as "Snake Man," was bitten by v...3191012.01.2018
1675George Reeves, the actor who played Superman in t...3411012.01.2018
167475% of Japanese homes have a hi-tech toilet and t...3241012.01.2018
1673The Vikings used ravens to navigate3151012.01.2018
1672Fiji water company ran the slogan3281012.01.2018
1671Bill Gates plans to donate 95% of his $81.1 bill...3461012.01.2018
1670Cherophobia is the fear of being too haPPy becau...3301012.01.2018
1669Your brain literally heats up when you're stress...3231012.01.2018
16681668 numaralı gerçek2930012.01.2018
16671667 numaralı gerçek2990012.01.2018
1666Fazla sayıda selfi çekip paylaşan insanların psik...3032012.01.2018
1665Unintended nsequence of the DMZ in Korea is Wat ...3421012.01.2018
16641664 numaralı gerçek3080012.01.2018
16631663 numaralı gerçek3210112.01.2018
16621662 numaralı gerçek2880012.01.2018
1661The white spots on finger nails are called Leukon...3411012.01.2018
16601660 numaralı gerçek3320012.01.2018
1659Jimmy Carter said if he became president, he wou...4001012.01.2018
1658After the Titanic sank, her sister ship Olympic o...3641012.01.2018
1657This is the blackest material on earth2341012.01.2018
16561746'da elektrik akımının hızını tespit eden adam3713012.01.2018
1655A Texas ABM study invited people to taste wines ...2911012.01.2018
1654Erkeklerin sağlıklı kalabilmesi için haftada iki ...3002012.01.2018
1653Formerlege basketball coach George Raveling has t...3321012.01.2018
1652Cengizhan'ın 1.7 milyon kişinin kafasını vurma ne...3742012.01.2018
16511651 numaralı gerçek3250012.01.2018
1650The Hitlers were early pioneers of southern Ohio3311012.01.2018
16491649 numaralı gerçek3520012.01.2018
1648Japanese Army Uses 3,500 Tons of Snow To Create ...3141012.01.2018
1647Lenin's dead body is bathed and dressed in new cl...2671012.01.2018
16461646 numaralı gerçek2940012.01.2018
1645Paranormal Activity was made for just $15,0003191012.01.2018
1644Hakimin şahide 5 günlük hapis cezası vermesi3191012.01.2018
16431643 numaralı gerçek3080012.01.2018
1642Oğlunun sanal hesabındaki karakterini kiralık kat...3322012.01.2018
16411641 numaralı gerçek3200012.01.2018
16401640 numaralı gerçek2790012.01.2018
16391639 numaralı gerçek2920012.01.2018
1638Telefonda konuşurken oraya buraya yürümek4513012.01.2018
16371637 numaralı gerçek3510012.01.2018
16361636 numaralı gerçek3370012.01.2018
16351635 numaralı gerçek3440012.01.2018
1634Uçan tank3391012.01.2018
1633İnsan kuşu3401012.01.2018
1632Pickard tutuklanınca dünyanın asit stoğunun yüzde...2831012.01.2018
16311631 numaralı gerçek3110012.01.2018
16301630 numaralı gerçek3470012.01.2018
1629Earl Sampson, a Florida black man, has been arre...3131012.01.2018
1628New yorktaki her 21 kişiden birinin milyoner olma...3381012.01.2018
1627 ln 1945, a B-25 bomber pilot crashed into the Em...3421012.01.2018
1626The thirteen Club met in the 19B0s to debunk the ...3231012.01.2018
16251625 numaralı gerçek3100012.01.2018
16241624 numaralı gerçek2980012.01.2018
16231623 numaralı gerçek3290012.01.2018
16221622 numaralı gerçek2910012.01.2018
1621A man named Armand Hammer coincidentally ended u...3711012.01.2018
16201620 numaralı gerçek3380012.01.2018
1619ln Gravesend, England, there is a whole fake town...3341012.01.2018
16181000 000 000'a kadar saymanın 32 yıl sürmesi3361012.01.2018
1617Şaka olarak kraliçeyi düğününe davet eden çift3731012.01.2018
16161616 numaralı gerçek3570012.01.2018
16151615 numaralı gerçek2990012.01.2018
1614Andrew Jackson, the 7th President of the United S...3311012.01.2018
1613Abnormal sounds in the sea3331012.01.2018
1612Beynimizin sürekli insanların bir sonraki söyleye...3331012.01.2018
16111611 numaralı gerçek3250012.01.2018
1610Yasalar örümcek ağı gibidir, küçük sinekleri yaka...3051012.01.2018
1609bir kadının kocasını helikopterle kaçırması3161012.01.2018
1608Rocky 4 çekimlerinde Sylvester Stallone'nin 9 gün...3641012.01.2018
16071607 numaralı gerçek3510012.01.2018
16061606 numaralı gerçek3140012.01.2018
16051605 numaralı gerçek1990012.01.2018
16041604 numaralı gerçek3150012.01.2018
16031800'lü yıllarda doğmuş 5 kadının hala hayatta ol...3431012.01.2018
16021602 numaralı gerçek3190012.01.2018
1601İsveç ve Norveçte çocuklara yönelik reklam yapman...3361012.01.2018
1600cam şişelerin sonsuz defa dönüştürülebilmesi3371012.01.2018
1599Sigara içenlerin saçlarının daha çabuk beyazlaması3082012.01.2018
1598Marş Melovun gerçek bir bitki olması3461012.01.2018
1596Aziz Lawrence'ın kendini yakanlara, bu tarafım pi...3611012.01.2018
1595Charlie Sheen'in tam bir geri zekalı olması3211012.01.2018
1594 İnsanlığın 208 bin 300 yıl önce ortaya çıkması3892012.01.2018
1593Camın sağlamlığını ıspatlarken ölen avukat4062012.01.2018
15922 ay karda kalan adamın ölmemesi3411012.01.2018
15911 Dakika hapis cezasına çarptırılan adam3191012.01.2018
15901590 numaralı gerçek3320012.01.2018
1589İnsanların konuşurken duyduğumuzdan daha yüksek b...2951012.01.2018
15881588 numaralı gerçek3250012.01.2018
1587İnsanların 3'te 2'sinin güçlü ve zayıf yanlarını ...3642012.01.2018
15861586 numaralı gerçek2890012.01.2018
15851585 numaralı gerçek3060012.01.2018
1584Beethoven'ın sağır olduktan sonra senfoni bestele...2942012.01.2018
158313 nm'den büyük cisimleri hissedebilmemiz3221012.01.2018
15821582 numaralı gerçek2780012.01.2018
15811581 numaralı gerçek3400012.01.2018
15801580 numaralı gerçek3110012.01.2018
15791579 numaralı gerçek3410012.01.2018
1578Amerikalıların Japonlardan çok çalışması2641012.01.2018
1577Hırsızlık yaptığı evde facebook hesabına giren ma...3401012.01.2018
1576Karıncaların insanlara benzer şekilde savaşması2971012.01.2018
1575Louis Vuitton'un seri sonu mallarını yakması2581012.01.2018
1574Çin'de insanlar için desenli maske üretilmesi3021012.01.2018
15731573 numaralı gerçek2970012.01.2018
1572LCD ve Led tvler çıktıktan sonra köpeklerin daha ...3621012.01.2018
15711571 numaralı gerçek3270012.01.2018
15701570 numaralı gerçek3310012.01.2018
1569Only about 1/10 ofthe Earth's population lives o...3061012.01.2018
1568Alpaca'ların yalnızlıktan ölmesi3421012.01.2018
1567İntihar otu3801012.01.2018
1566There's a rare neurological condition called Witz...3881012.01.2018
15651565 numaralı gerçek2950012.01.2018
15641564 numaralı gerçek3250012.01.2018
15631563 numaralı gerçek3390012.01.2018
15621562 numaralı gerçek3560012.01.2018
15611561 numaralı gerçek2820012.01.2018
15601560 numaralı gerçek2710012.01.2018
1559Mutlu hayatların sevgi gerektirmesi3361012.01.2018
1558201 haneli sayının 23'üncü kökünu zihinden hesapl...3031012.01.2018
1557President Garlfeld's assassin chose an ivory-nand...3391012.01.2018
15561556 numaralı gerçek2880012.01.2018
15551555 numaralı gerçek3570012.01.2018
1554Fakir ülkelerdeki çocukların daha mutlu olması3301012.01.2018
1553Young Founder fathers of America3111012.01.2018
1552El yıkamanın aşıdan daha faydalı olması3411012.01.2018
15511551 numaralı gerçek3680012.01.2018
15501550 numaralı gerçek3190012.01.2018
15491549 numaralı gerçek3580012.01.2018
15481548 numaralı gerçek2950012.01.2018
1547Günlük patates cipsi yiyenlerin nükleer santrale ...3461012.01.2018
15468 inçlik iskelet bulunması3191012.01.2018
15451545 numaralı gerçek3020012.01.2018
15441544 numaralı gerçek3170012.01.2018
1543Goril Koko'nun tüm suçu kedinin üzerine yıkması3471012.01.2018
1542Vücutta 5 dakikada ölen grip virüsünün kağıt para...3362012.01.2018
15411541 numaralı gerçek3260012.01.2018
154086. kattan intihar edip 85. kata düşen kadın3983012.01.2018
1539Dünyanın en kirli gölünün karaçay gölü olması3411012.01.2018
15381538 numaralı gerçek3980012.01.2018
1537Wikipedia'nın sahibinin yaklaşık 1 milyon doları ...2731012.01.2018
15361536 numaralı gerçek3270012.01.2018
1535Mortgage nin ölüm kontratı anlamına gelmesi2911012.01.2018
15342015'e bir saniye eklenmesi3281012.01.2018
1533Kuşların izmarit kullanarak gagalarını dezenfekte...3121012.01.2018
15321532 numaralı gerçek3440012.01.2018
1531Aptallığın tedavi edilebilir bir rahatsızlık olma...3181012.01.2018
1530Tesla'nın bir güvercini iyileştirmek için 2000 $ ...3890012.01.2018
1529Köpeklerin sahip bağırması haricinde, suçluluk hi...2720012.01.2018
1528Sarılmanın bağımlılık yaratması3381012.01.2018
1527Yürüyerek "Evlen benimle" yazan manyak3650012.01.2018
1526Başkalarının, bizi olduğumuzdan yüzde 20 daha çek...3341012.01.2018
1525Liechtenstein'ın bir günlüğüne 70 000 $ kiralanab...3060012.01.2018
1524Steve Jobs'un arıza nedeniyle işe geç kalan perso...3691012.01.2018
1523Beyniyle robot kollarını kontrol eden engelli3411012.01.2018
1522İmparator penguenlerin 585 m derine dalabilmesi3230012.01.2018
1521Bazı şizofrenlerin kendi kendilerini gıdıklayabil...3360012.01.2018
1520Nikahtan önce uzun süre birlikte yaşayan çiftleri...3372012.01.2018
1519Basketbolcunun fakir aileleri düşünerek ucuz ayak...3511012.01.2018
1518Antartikada apandisti patlayan Rus doktorun kendi...3071012.01.2018
15171517 numaralı gerçek2960012.01.2018
1516Finlandiyanın 10 pet şişeden 9'unu geri dönüştüre...3601012.01.2018
15151515 numaralı gerçek3090012.01.2018
15141514 numaralı gerçek3830012.01.2018
15131513 numaralı gerçek3090012.01.2018
1512Bir çift ikizi günlük 3 demlik çay ve kahve içirt...3691012.01.2018
15111511 numaralı gerçek3410012.01.2018
15101510 numaralı gerçek2480012.01.2018
15091509 numaralı gerçek3440012.01.2018
15081508 numaralı gerçek3150012.01.2018
15071507 numaralı gerçek3040012.01.2018
1506Harry Potter filmindeki trenin gerçek olması2832012.01.2018
1505"Just Do it"'in Gary Gilmore'un son sözü olması3471012.01.2018
1504Arabistan tarlaları3001012.01.2018
150313'ünde Oxford'tan mezun olan kız3470012.01.2018
1502Vin Diesel was offered his first acting role aft...3151012.01.2018
15011501 numaralı gerçek2760012.01.2018
1500Kayıp köpeği bulmak için savaş durdurmak3361012.01.2018
1499Polonya'daki wikipedia anıtı3332012.01.2018