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McMillan TAC-50 (En uzun Rekorlu Kanas) 3,540 m

The McMillan TAC-50 is a long-range anti-materiel and anti-personnel sniper rifle. The TAC-50 is based on previous designs from the same company, which first appeared during the late 1980s. McMillan makes several versions of .50 caliber rifles, based on the same proprietary action, for military, law enforcement and civilian use. It is produced in Phoenix, Arizona in the United States by McMillan Firearms Manufacturing.

The TAC-50 is a military and law enforcement weapon, which, designated as the C15, is the standard Long Range Sniper Weapon (LRSW) of the Canadian Army since 2000. Rifles of the TAC-50 family are guaranteed to provide 0.5 minute of angle (MOA) groups with match-grade ammunition under ideal conditions.[1]

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