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Wikileaks'taki Türkiye'deki din yorumu

"however, the broad, rubber-meets-the-road reality is that islam in turkey is caught in a vise of (1) 100 years of "secular" pressure to hide itself from public view, (2) pressure and competition from brotherhoods and lodges to follow their narrow, occult "true way", and (3) the faction- and positivism-ridden aridity of the religious affairs directorate (diyanet). as a result, islam as it is lived in turkey is stultified, riddled with hypocrisy, ignorant and intolerant of other religions' presence in turkey, and unable to eject those who would politicize it in a radical, anti-western way. imams are for the most part poorly educated and all too ready to insinuate anti-western, anti-christian or anti-jewish sentiments into their sermons. exceptionally few muslims in turkey have the courage to challenge conventional sunni thinking about jihad or, e.g., verses in the repentance shura of the koran which have for so long been used to justify violence against "infidels".<br>

"until turkey can reconcile itself to its past, including the troubling aspects of its ottoman past, in free and open debate, how will turkey reconcile itself to the concept and practice of reconciliation in the eu? how will it have the self confidence to take decisions and formulate policies responsive to u.s. interests? some in akp are joining what is still only a handful of others to take tentative, but nonetheless inspiring, steps in this regard. however, the road ahead will require a massive overhaul of education, the introduction and acceptance of rule of law, and a fundamental redefinition of the relation between citizen and state. in the words of the great (alevi) anatolian bard asik veysel, this is a 'long and delicate road.' ".

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