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Kanada İşveren Yasasının Parfüme Bakışı

Fragrance is a known respiratory irritant and neurological toxin and one in five people in the US experience adverse health effects from synthetic fragrance exposure (Wolff, 2006). For many people, exposure to perfume can pose serious health risks such as migraines, nausea, tightening of the throat, and respiratory impairment in the asthmatic (Canadian Employment Law, 2005)...

"The problem with fragrance products is not the scent but the properties of synthetic chemicals that they are derived from such as petroleum or coal tar. The United States tests less than 10% of products on the market for toxicity and almost one-third of the chemical additives used in perfume are known to be toxic (Rigsby, 1996). Over the past 50 years, 80-90% of fragrances have been synthesized from petroleum and some of the commonly found harmful chemicals in fragranced products include acetone, phenol, toluene, benzyl acetate, and limonene. The chemicals used to produce the fragrance in a product are protected under trade secret laws and are not listed in the ingredients of a product.

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